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The next-gen payments platform
built for U.S. businesses.

Sending and collecting payments with Plooto takes only 3 simple steps.


Add your contact

Add a contact with as little as an email address. Or import invoices and bills from your accounting software.


Send or request payments

Select which bank account you want to securely send payments from or collect money to.


We'll handle the rest

Plooto processes your payments electronically and reconciles with your accounting software.

Plooto vs. Bill.com

Put simply, Plooto offers features similar to Bill.com's Corporate Plan but with simpler pricing and live support.

    • Monthly Fee
    • Transaction Fee
    • Fee structure
    • Free unlimited users
    • Free unlimited approvers
    • Cross-border payments
    • Live in-app support
    • Free
      every month
    • 50¢ to $1
      per transaction
    • Fee structure:
      Per transaction fee
      No extra costs, no hidden fees
    • Free unlimited users
    • Free unlimited approvers
    • Cross-border payments
    • Live in-app support
  • Bill.com

    • $199+
      per month + $99 per additional user
    • $0.49 to $1.49
      per transaction
    • Fee structure:
      Complex fees
      Setup costs & multiple other fees
    • Free unlimited users
    • Free unlimited approvers
    • Cross-border payments
    • Live in-app support
    • You can do better!

Note: Bill.com information taken directly from https://www.bill.com/product/pricing/ & Bill.com Support Center as of November 2016.

Unlimited payments in the U.S.

With Plooto you can pay anyone within the U.S. with as little as an email address. Pay your domestic or cross-border vendors with absolutely no limits.


Collect pre-authorized debits in one place

Request and collect payments from your customers online directly from bank-to-bank. Plooto streamlines the entire receivables process and cuts out the percentage costs involved with alternatives.


Automatic reconciliations with your accounting software.

Plooto integrates perfectly with with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop and Xero, automatically pulling in your Bills & Invoices. Your records are reconciled real time with no additional effort.

Be ready for the cloud.

Stay one step ahead of technology and be ready for the future. With Plooto's cutting-edge payment technology, you are fully prepared for the move to the cloud and drive greater value for your clients.


Plooto works with every bank and credit union in the U.S.

Plooto works with Bank of America
Plooto works with Chase
Plooto works with Citi Bank
Plooto works with Wells Fargo
Plooto works with HSBC
Plooto works with US Bank Corp

Simple Pricing.

Leave complex fee structures behind. Get access to an integrated
all-in-one business payment platform

  • Unlimited transactions.
  • Unlimited payees (contractors, suppliers, etc.)
  • Unlimited users and bank accounts.
  • No monthly fees.
  • No setup or any hidden fees.
  • No minimums.

"Plooto allows us to improve our processes and save a tremendous amount of time and money. Our clients can easily streamline both accounts payable and receivable electronically in the cloud thanks to Plooto."

Rustin Smith

Rustin Smith

Chief Executive Officer, Scalability Inc.