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A business payments platform
crafted for marketing agencies.

Plooto makes it easy for marketing agencies to send and receive payments.

We created Plooto specifically for marketing agencies just like yours. Whether you're sending payments to your freelancers, or collecting from your clients, Plooto reduces the time you spend on payments by up to 90%.

All your payments in a single click.

With Plooto's integrated platform, paying your freelancers or contractors has never been simpler. Have all your payments handled in one place, all in a single click. Keep your creative juices flowing - don't let the business hold you back. 


Collect money from your clients 3x faster.

When you're happy, we're happy. That's why we built a fast and easy way for you to request and receive online payments directly into your bank account. Focus on your client meeting, Plooto will handle the getting paid part.

Works with your accounting software.

Plooto is friendly and plays nicely with QuickBooks and Xero so you can optimize your current workspace without changing everything. Gain better control of your cashflow and make better business decisions, faster, simpler and easier.
Plooto works with your accounting platform.

Plooto works with every bank and credit union in the U.S.

Plooto works with Bank of America
Plooto works with Chase
Plooto works with Citi Bank
Plooto works with Wells Fargo
Plooto works with HSBC
Plooto works with US Bank Corp

"We were immediately drawn to Plooto with the simplicity and straight to the point services. We’ve looked into other options but they were too complicated."

Michael Pham Testimonial

Michael Pham

Managing Director, Blast Marketing Inc.