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Send and receive electronic business payments.

Plooto Dashboard

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Chad Davis


"Introducing Plooto to our customers has been one of the highlights of this year. We can now manage US and Canadian payments in one easy online platform. "

Michael Pham

Michael Pham

Managing Director

We were immediately drawn to Plooto with the simplicity and straight to the point services. We’ve looked into other options but they were too complicated.

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Rustin Smith

Rustin Smith

Chief Executive Officer

“We use Plooto internally and for our clients because of the beautifully simple UI, the administrator - user controls and the affordability.”


Get Paid Faster. Eliminate Checks, Wires and Credit Card Fees.

Accounts Payable

Mass, Deferred and Partial Payments

Make payments online anywhere and anytime. Say goodbye to writing and mailing checks or visiting a branch to send wire transfers and money orders.

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Syncs with your accounting software.

Import your bills, invoices, payees, customers and bank accounts from your accounting software to Plooto.

Plooto works with every bank and credit union in the U.S.

Plooto works with Bank of America
Plooto works with Chase
Plooto works with Citi Bank
Plooto works with Wells Fargo
Plooto works with HSBC
Plooto works with US Bank Corp