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Q: How do I print business cheques?

A: You can print paper cheques from dedicated cheque printing software, your accounting software, or from 3rd party cheque printers.

Disclaimer: Printing your own cheques take additional time and money, on top of the inherent inefficiencies of cheques. It is strongly recommend to use electronic methods for your business payments.

The easiest way to print cheques is through your accounting software. Quickbooks and Xero have quick processes to design and print your own cheques for your business. This way you can also match the cheques to the bills you are printing it for.

You can also use alternative cheque printing software to dive deeper into designing your own business cheques. Keep in mind that cheques need to follow a specific set of requirements set by your financial institution. It is advised to check with your financial institution before finalizing on your cheques. For certain situations you may be required to purchase cheque paper and magnetic ink.

Alternatively, you can use 3rd party cheque printing service. After submitting your designs, they will mail you the printed cheques in a week or 2.

Save up to 2 business days in manual processing time every week with electronic payments.

In truth, printing cheques take too much time for little benefit. In a recent study by Scotiabank, cheques by itself cost businesses between $9 to $25 per cheque.

With Plooto's integrated online platform, you can move away from the ancient payment process of cheques and automate your payment processes. Electronic payments saves you tremendous amounts of time that is otherwise spent on manual efforts. Sending or collecting payments take seconds and is designed to make it easier for both you and your payers/payees.

Plooto works seamlessly with Quickbooks and Xero. It automatically pulls your bills and invoices from your accounting software so that you can easily send or request for payments electronically. After the payment is complete, Plooto automatically reconciles with your accounting system within minutes.