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Q: How do I accept direct debit payments?

A: Plooto's online payment platform offers numerous payment services including direct debit.

Our Direct Debit solution is designed to simplify the whole transaction process for you and your business, making it easier to get paid. 

Aside from simplifying the way small business gets paid, Direct Debit can also help you attract more customers, by breaking larger payments down into smaller, more manageable amounts.

With Plooto Direct Debit, you can create recurring payments that are fully automated, so you don’t have to waste time manually chasing missed payments week after week. Plooto's web-based app is simple to use, allowing you to quickly and easily set up recurring payments from your office, home, or on the go. Wherever you are, Ezidebit is ready to go to work for your business. And to close the loop, your payment reports are accessible 24/7 through our online cloud service.

Plooto has helped businesses of all size automate their business payments, improve their cash flow and create a reliable recurring revenue stream. Sign up to Plooto today and see how Direct Debit can help your business grow.