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Plooto Reduced The Time Guarana Technologies Spent Preparing Payments by 90%

"Plooto saved us more than 90% in time preparing our payments."


Guarana Technologies is a team of mobile app developers for smartphones, tablets & wearable devices, specializing in iPhone and Android app development.  Guarana Technologies guides startups and companies on the best feature set, the most efficient user-flow, and the core business aspects to build their mobile application success.


Mathieu Laroussi, CEO at Guarana Technologies, was looking to grow his team and expand his business to be the leading mobile app development agency in North America. Moving in that direction, they needed the financial tools to quickly manage all the administrative tasks for their business with minimum investments. They were looking for a kind of solution that can manage all their freelancers and consultants that they employ for projects, so that they can better spend their time doing what they love - making great apps. 


Mathieu looked at using a pre-authorized debit (PAD) approach but the nature of their business makes it hard to pre-sign their clients. They were also using bank transfers and sending wires but faced huge fees on top of the of pain finding the right account information and the right SWIFT code. When their accountant introduced them to Plooto, Mathieu saw how Plooto can streamline the whole business payments process, and save them time and money.


Plooto's onboarding process was very easy and fast. With Plooto's deep integration with Xero, Mathieu was able to import bills, invoices, payees, bank accounts and customers from Xero and make payments with Plooto. Plooto then automatically reconciles the payables and receivables.

Mathieu estimates that Plooto has saved his team 10 minutes per transaction, and now it takes less than a minute to send payments. Plooto has reduced the time it takes Mathieu to send payments by up to 90%