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You'll be in good company with our customers.

Plooto Customer Success Stories

Don't take our word for it. See how companies ranging from startups to enterprises use Plooto to streamline and automate their business payments processes.

Blast Marketing uses Plooto

Michael Pham

Managing Director, Blast Marketing

"Ease-of-use and simplicity is important to us. That's why we chose Plooto."

Joe Collins, Avalon Accounting

Joe Collins

Principal, Avalon Accounting

"Plooto just streamlines everything. My clients don't have to fill out paperwork."

Gaurana Technologies uses Plooto

Mathieu Laroussi

CEO, Guarana Technologies

"Plooto saved us more than 90% in time preparing our payments."


Rustin Smith

Chief Executive Officer, Scalability Inc.

"Plooto allows us to save a tremendous amount of time and money."


Peter Taylor

Office Manager, CloudOps Inc.

"I have more control over our payment systems with Plooto. $1 per transaction is a bargain."

Hawkins Accounting uses Plooto

Allison Hawkins

Partner, Hawkins Accounting

"Plooto saves me time. That's worth much more to me than bank fees."