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Next business day payments with Plooto Instant

Business payments made faster

Pre-fund your Plooto account using Plooto Instant to make next business day payments. No more running late on bills and invoices due to long processing times - your business is more streamlined than ever.

How it works


Pre-fund your account

Add funds into your Plooto Instant account from any of your verfied bank accounts at no cost.


Pay from your Plooto Instant account

Select your Plooto Instant account when you're making a payment.


We pay on your terms

Your funds will arrive directly in your payee's bank account within the next business day.

Save up to four days in processing time

We understand how uncertain payment timings can hurt your business. That's why we designed a method to make processing times as short as possible. With Plooto Instant, you can eliminate the clearing time for bank transfers, giving you much valuable time and certainty.


Save further on bank fees

Plooto has no limits on the number of transactions you make in a month. This means that you can save on the hefty fees that banks charge you for going over their monthly transaction limits.


Schedule your future payments

Queue payments in advance and control when they are debited from your account for accurate cash flow forecasting. You can schedule payments regardless of your Plooto Instant account balance and they will be processed automatically as soon as funds become available.


Plooto works with every bank and credit union in Canada.

Plooto works with RBC Royal Bank of Canada
Plooto works with TD Canada Trust
Plooto works with Scotiabank
Plooto works with BMO Bank of Montreal
Plooto works with CIBC
Plooto works with National Bank

"Plooto saves me time. That's worth much more to me than bank fees."


Allison Hawkins

Partner, Hawkins Accounting