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Send Money to the U.S. at a Fraction of the cost.

Cross Border ACH Payments Made Easy.


Transferring funds from your Canadian bank account across the border?
The easiest, most cost-effective way to pay your U.S. vendors and contractors is now available with Plooto.

Sending cross border payments is as easy as 1-2-3


Sign up

Get started by setting up your account with Plooto or sign up with your Intuit Quickbooks account.


Add your payees

Add your payee information. All we need is your payee's bank routing and account numbers.


Send funds in 1 click

Plooto sends funds directly from your bank account - no need for you to go to the bank.

Save up to 90% in wire fees.

Cross-border wire transfers cost anywhere between $15 to $80 plus a 2.9% fee per transaction. Then comes the monthly fees and other charges. Plooto is just one flat fee per transaction and your receipient won't pay a cent. No setup costs. No hidden fees. No limits.

Spend less time on cross-border payments

With Plooto, you can now save time and avoid making a trip to your bank with complex wire information . Plooto lets you quickly send payments online with only your payee's US Bank Routing number and Account number.


Simple transfers to any U.S. bank.

Transferring your own funds should not be hard. Send payments electronically to anywhere in the U.S. using the simplest payments platform. Plooto is known for its seamless setup and convenience.


Save 50% on USD foreign exchange.

Banks charge you hidden fees in their exchange rates whenever you exchange funds and send payments abroad.

    • Exchange Rate
    • Transaction Fees
    • Recipient Fees
    • Maximum Limit
    • Processing Channel
    • from 0.5%
      Over Mid-Market Rate
    • Transaction Fees:
      $9.99 to U.S.
      $1 within Canada
    • Recipient Fees:
      No cost for recipients
    • Maximum Limit:
    • Processing Channel:
      Completely Online
    • Sign Up for Free
  • Average Bank

    • 1% - 3%
      Over Mid-Market Rate
    • Transaction Fees:
      $25 to $125
      Varies by amount
    • Recipient Fees:
      Per transaction received

    • Maximum Limit:
    • Processing Channel:
      Branch Visit / Telephone
    • You can do better!

* Conditions may apply.

Send funds to any bank or credit union in the U.S.

Plooto works with Bank of America
Plooto works with Chase
Plooto works with Citi Bank
Plooto works with Wells Fargo
Plooto works with HSBC
Plooto works with US Bank Corp

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