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Everything you need to pay and get paid online.

Quick and Painless Payments

Use Plooto to pay anyone, anywhere at anytime in one integrated cloud platform. You can also customize permissions on who in your company can authorize, edit and reject payments.
Quick and Payless Payments

Receive Payments Faster

Tired of waiting in line at the bank to deposit cheques? With Plooto, you get your money deposited directly into your bank account in as little as two to three business days.
Quick and Payless Payments

Automatic Reconciliation

Step into a land where reconciling transactions doesn't take hours, but minutes. With Plooto's deep level integration with popular accounting platforms, all it takes is one click.
Automatic Reconciliation

Cross-Border Payments

Payments to the United States have never been simpler. With Plooto, you can now send money online to any bank or credit union in the US with just the routing and account numbers of your payee.


Faster Payments with Plooto Instant

Business payments are made faster with Plooto Instant. Securely prefund your Plooto account using Plooto Instant so that payments can arrive directly in your payee's bank account by the next business day.